Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!

What better way to kickoff my sports blog? For the first time since 1990, the Boston Bruins have made it to the Stanley Cup Finals! Here is the game winning goal:

I almost couldn't watch the game. My "sports anxiety" had set in as soon as the puck dropped on the playoffs, and it hadn't left me until tonight. Those final minutes ticking down the 1-0 victory took forever. And now the Bruins have made it to a place that nobody thought they would. This team that was so awesome at crashing and burning has finally gotten over the hump.

Let's go Bruins! We want the Cup!


  1. The only guy from the Bruins I wanna see holding the cup is Tim Thomas ... was a goaltender! ... Otherwise, I'll be cheering for Vancouver in the Finals! It's gonna be hardcore!
    I'd say Canucks in 6

  2. Don't even care about the NHL after the Canes lost to an already seated team ;_;

  3. The final game this season is looking to be epic!

  4. im sooooo looking forward to this series.

  5. I wanna see how this turns out so badly.